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19 August: #truecolours

24 July to 12 August: We aimed for Copenhagen. We missed and hit Berlin

2 July: Economics trumps sanity?

2 July: End of a spinning era

9 July: There and back again

14 July: Family misfortunes

16 July: Bike of Theseus? Thanks to @EdinburghBikes

23 July: The judge sits on his great assize

23 July: sus cursu: Lev de novo rides again

7 June: Nuptials!

16  to 19 May: Reise nach Wien

13 May: Deported?

11 May: Unfair!

8 April: Away-day

24 April: Connecting people, connecting ideas symposium

11 April: Amuse-Bruce

15 February: Say it loud

8 February: Hypocrisy has many faces. Am I wearing one of them?

7 February: Topsy-turvey

28 January: Couldn’t have said it better