What has Bruce been up to recently?

  • recovering from encountering a tram track on his bike during the beast from the east
  • supervising an MSc student
  • usual community council website and minuting duties, along with work on a CC newsletter, reacting to comments on Facebook and sorting an issue over phone numbers
  • reaction to familial issues – the latest is my sister has been called for jury service, for which she is not suited
  • until this week, doing some web-searching for CCER colleagues. (It’s paused while they consider my results so far.)
  • doing odds and sods to help colleagues organise a phD colloquium
  • doing a lot of work on an application for funding some research into participatory budgeting. Deadline is Thursday – eek! (I have almost no more time for it because I’m on a research skills course tomorrow (er, today), Wednesday and Thursday.)
  • because of that,
    • doing very little writing about my own research int he last two weeks
    • doing even less teach-myself-Python

Tomorrow will be mostly taken up by the course, then being interviewed by a student from Liverpool University about my community council/public engagement/community activities.

Also, I will be working on an application for funding some public engagement research – not with community councils this time. If we get this funding, I will encounter a lot of talented and interesting people from a research and professional area that is pretty new to me. Finally, I will review my MSc student’s latest work.



In a vague tribute to a Janis Joplin album, today could be called I got dem ol’ co-codamol hughies again, mama! In other news, last week I succeeded in copying posts from Just another bipedal sack of DNA and neuroses – because that’s what humans are to this blog.

It’s been interesting – and quite emotional – revisiting the end of a marriage and my career in publishing, various family (mis)fortunes, my time in India and Indonesia, my MSc, the start of my community council work and research career, discovering spinning, and the beginning of my current, very happy marriage. So much of this feels as though it’s permanent, and has been part of me forever – but in reality much is less than 5 years old.

There will be lots of broken links, because some material was hosted on now-dead servers. I’ve tried to resurrect what I can, but if you find any, please let me know.

Eleven points: monsoon madness, Queensferry clarity, fear of flying

So who else got soaked in last night’s downpour? I got more than slightly wet on the way home from Napier, then absolutely drenched on the way to spinning. The rain even got through my rubber wallies into my MTB shoes. I didn’t bother to change into road shoes for the class so I had dry footwear for cycling today. So all through the spin I could feel the water sloshing around my socks and turning my toes into prunes. And we got wet again on the way home. Continue reading