Europa geht durch uns

(aka ‘Random Bozo and Random Bozette do flat bits of western Europe’)

We’d booked travel for us and the bikes to Amsterdam, and the first night’s stay in Amsterdam. After that, we went wherever Lev and Fidel wanted to take us.

1 August: Servants Quarters to IJmuiden 9 August: in Köln
2 August: IJmuiden to Amsterdam 10 August: Köln to Duiven
3 August: Amsterdam to Ede 11 August: around Arnhem
4 August: Ede to Werth 12 August: Duiven to de Bilt (near Utrecht)
5 August: Werth to Bocholt to Duisberg 13 August: in and around Utrecht
6 August: Duisberg to Düsseldorf 14 August: de Bilt to IJmuiden to North Sea
7 August: around Düsseldorf 15 August: North Sea to Servants’ Quarters
8 August: Düsseldorf to Köln What it all means

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