2nd August: IJmuiden to Amsterdam

Cycling and other travel

  • from the terry terminal to our hotel in northeast Amsterdam, so we can stop travelling to Europe and start travelling in Europe (cyclemeter map)
  • bimbling into central Amsterdam, lunch, making like tourists, eating and drinking again, then bimbling back to our hotel (cyclemeter map from hotel to Centraal Station)
  • distance 31·28 miles (42·40 cumulative miles so far)

Elly’s blog

Mission accomplished!

  • cycle 4 miles to ferry terminal on north west side of IJ, then take free water bus to Centraal Station, then secure the bikes
  • found fab food in TeraZen centre (first time I’ve eaten ital [Jah-approved]). More of the same required!)
  • boat tour of canals
  • drinks in outside cafe
  • return to hotel
  • caffeine-free coffee and write this

Joy! I’ve found what was making my feet hurt. The answer is correct footwear adjustment. What a relief!

Digital evidence


on the water-taxi (1)


on the water-taxi (2)


on the water-taxi (3)


on the water-taxi (3)


the summer of woof!


from the canal tour 1


from the canal tour 2


from the canal tour 3


from the canal tour 4


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