We aimed for Copenhagen: we missed and hit Berlin!

By bike to Berlin, with the ever-wonderful Elly. Some posts cover more than one day. Here’s a wee key to the links:

  • If they are in pink text, they’re links to Elly’s blog posts.
  • If they are in green text, they’re links to my blog posts.
  • If they’re in bold, photos and videos have been added since they were originally posted, or the post was written after we got home.
  • If they start with ‘EFB’, they’re links to PDFs of Elly’s Facebook posts.
  • If they start with ‘BFB’, they’re links to PDFs of my Facebook posts.
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date digital driblings miles cycled and mapped journey
24 July  10·71 Edinburgh,
via Newcastle and North Shields,
to somewhere in the North Sea
25 July 26·49 somewhere in the North Sea
to Volendam
26 July 57.62 Volendam
to Zurich
27 July 24·69 Zurich
to Leeuwarden
28 July 62·72 Leeuwarden
to Winschoten
29 July 28·62 Winschoten
to Leer
(then Bremen)
30 July (none) (seeing Bremen)
31 July 62·20 Bremen
to Hamburg
1 August (none) (seeing Hamburg)
2 August 49·71 Hamburg
to Blekede
3 August 31·28 Blekede
to Dömitz
4 August 40·25 Dömitz
to Rühstädt
5 August 40 (estimate) Rühstädt
to Rathenow
6 August 19·98 Rathenow
to Brandenburg
7 August 46·56 Brandenburg
to Berlin
8 August (none) (seeing Berlin)
9 August (none) (Berlin
to Amsterdam
by train)
10 August 90·45 around the
11 August 18·74 Amsterdam,
via Ijmuiden,
to somewhere in the North Sea
12 August 9·94 somewhere in the North Sea,
via North Shields and Newcastle,
to Edinburgh

If I’ve added correctly, that’s 620 miles.