Brandenburg Bummel

What Elly said! Here’s an update on the cycle log, and my photos of Rathenow and Brandenburg:

Total: 457 miles

Hotel Furstenhof in Rathenow



Rathenow street

Rathenow district court

Entering Brandenburg. Got that east European feeling?

Along the Havel in Brandenburg

Urban regeneration in Brandenburg 1

Urban regeneration in Brandenburg 2

Urban regeneration in Brandenburg 3

Graffiti along the Havel

Ceci n’est pas une pipe!

Brandenburg swimming pool (defunct)

about the pool

beer! (They also make a cola called ‘bebop’!)

In Brandenburg Neustadt 1


In Brandenburg Neustadt 2

in Brandenburg Neustadt 3


In Brandenburg Neustadt 4

Jewish graveyard

absence of gardens in Gartenstrasse

more graffiti

In Brandenburg Neustadt 5

but if you’re not a dog, can you poop anywhere?



neither a small bread roll, nor JFK


local church



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