Berlin bimblings

Some extra pix on the way into Berlin


In the courtyard of the hotel in Brandenburg 1


In the courtyard of the hotel in Brandenburg 2





entering Berlin 1


entering Berlin 2


Kümmelbrötchen in Wannsee-Berlin station

Cycling into Berlin (YouTube)



I can eat these with a clear conscience!

What I originally posted

Elly has described yesterday’s and today meanderings here, so what can I add? Ah, yes, a couple of recommendations:

  • Hotel Meininger is right outside the Hauptbahnhof, which is worth seeing as an edifice in itself. The hotel has a kitchen where guests can cook their own food, a single washing machine for guests, and has objected to us stringing our lycra across the room.

This can’t be my lycra: it bends!

  • Hans im Glück is a new burger bar in the Hauptbahnhof. Among the carnivore offerings, it had four varieties of vegan burgers and a vegan chocolate cake/fruit salad combo. The burgers are made of gluten, so won’t suit everyone, but they slipped me down nicely.

Here’s a few more photos:



I rather like the U-bahn font.

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