In a vague tribute to a Janis Joplin album, today could be called I got dem ol’ co-codamol hughies again, mama! In other news, last week I succeeded in copying posts from Just another bipedal sack of DNA and neuroses – because that’s what humans are to this blog.

It’s been interesting – and quite emotional – revisiting the end of a marriage and my career in publishing, various family (mis)fortunes, my time in India and Indonesia, my MSc, the start of my community council work and research career, discovering spinning, and the beginning of my current, very happy marriage. So much of this feels as though it’s permanent, and has been part of me forever – but in reality much is less than 5 years old.

There will be lots of broken links, because some material was hosted on now-dead servers. I’ve tried to resurrect what I can, but if you find any, please let me know.


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Family misfortunes: Bruce- or system-error?

Following on from this post

Yesterday’s knock again my state-socialist tendances has been mollified by a pleasant but so far futile interaction with HMRC. My mother and I spoke with with a very pleasant HMRC helpdesk staffer last night (Thursday 7 September). Once my mother had given her permission for me to speak with HMRC about this issue, I tried yet again to register my mother for SA using the access code HMRC had sent her, while describing what I was doing to the HMRC staffer. Yet again this failed. The code had arrived in a letter dated 4 September Continue reading

The judge sits on his great assize

(This post is a continuation of this sage: Family misfortunes. Its title comes from this fabulous Roy Harper song.)

Because of last week’s snarl-up last about my sister’s appointment (which seems ages ago now), I phoned the PIP helpline on Monday morning to ensure that day’s appointment was in their records. Fortunately it was. I spied out the postcode they’d told us on StreetView – I couldn’t see any Crapita offices, so I asked if it was in the named building I could see. The reply was that it was in a GP surgery, which turned out to be in that building! Continue reading

Family misfortunes

Last Wednesday (5 July), my sister emailed

Hello Bruce.
The department  for work and Pensions Phoned me this afternoon to say that they will come to our house
on Thursday 13 of july at 9.15 and the test will last 1hour or 1.1/2 hours
The telephone number is 08081788114.
I will need to talk to my boss about changing my shift.

This resulted from the DWP informing her in May that she would no longer receive Disability Living Allowance, and so had to claim PIP. After quite a lot of discussion about how to describe her special needs accurately and fully, we submitted a claim on 16 June. Continue reading