Cross country

So we’ve made today’s plans: 56 miles including the glorious tarmac of the Afsluitdijk. That’s a massive dyke shutting off the North Sea, but the main advantage is smooth tarmac, sheltered from the wind by the polder wall. There is video of some of our route: I bought the GoPro, but I won’t upload it until we have wifi.

But here’s the cyclemeter map. I’m quite proud, even though certain bits of us feel somewhat used. Relaxing with post-cycle beer in Zurich. Note the absence of umlaut. It would have been a bit more challenging to cycle to Zürich (535 miles). Meanwhile, here’s what the Afsluitdijk looks like. I wish I could describe how good it is. 

Video of cycling to and on the Afsuitsdijk (YouTube)

Looking around the Afsuitsdijk (YouTube)


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