1st August: Servants’ Quarters to IJmuiden

Cycling and other travel

  • 11:30 depart SQ, arriving Waverley before 12:00 (cyclemeter map)
  • 12:30 depart Waverley, arrive Newcastle 13:58
  • 14:00 depart Newcastle, arriving Royal Quay in North Shields before 16:00 (cyclemeter map)
  • 17:00 depart Royal Quay, arriving in IJmuiden (Amsterdam’s port) 09:00 the next day
  • distance 11·12 miles

Elly’s blog post

The day so far has included:

  • Breakfast at the Caffeine Drip
  • Cycling to Waverley
  • Train to Newcastle
  • Cycling to North Shields, including falling off when I was distracted. My panniers saved my legs, although some of the food I was carrying got a bit bashed.
  • brake repairs at North Shields
  • picnicking on the ferry sun deck
  • falling asleep in the bar! then waking to big band version of Smells like teen spirit
  • pizza, because I was super hungry
  • writing this blog

Digital evidence


Fidel ready to go


Elly & Fidel at Waverley


Elly on the sun-deck


view from the sun-deck


Elly’s first beer of the trip


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