4th August: Ede to Werth

Cycling and other travel

  • Got within easy cycling distance of Rose bikes in Bocholt, so tomorrow Lev will get a USB-werk fitted, and charging jPhone on the move will be go! (cyclemeter map)
  • distance 48·68 miles (149·62 cumulative miles so far)

Elly’s blog post

Mission accomplished. 45 miles of nice pedalling, through light rain that kept me refreshed but didn’t please Elly so much. (She says ‘At least it was warm rain!)

Good things about today include cycling through pretty countryside with almost no navigation issues – just slowing down to read signposts taking us along routes that got us here away from heavy traffic. As we’re not in the Netherlands anymore, Toto, some of the route was on road but there was a reasonable amount of cycle-paths along busier roads.

There was a minibar in our room, so I was able to sink a Bitburger before I’d removed my manky lycra. It didn’t touch the sides! Now showered (yes, it happens) and wearing shorts and t-shirt, I’m sitting with Elly, digesting a fried-potato starter. I’m quite spaced and my backside are gently rotating their swonnicles. It’s been a good day – I know this because we’ve both been singing. In my case, it was Exercising some control*, which shows I’m enjoying myself!

Update 1: After a large plate of salad potatos and salad, ein Schwartztee and some bread, I’m ready for more food and another beer.

Update 2: Now very pleasantly full! Another Schwartztee will fill the chinks better than a beer.

Digital evidence


Random Bozo admiring a statue


free bike-parking!



we did not take the train


cycle-paths with accurate signs


countryside – duh!


a lamp in our hotel


Elly with Bitburger


lots of bikes


hotel mouse


The Issel ran just by our hotel


our hotel


the beer garden was on a bridge over the Issel


the hotel offered spinning!

Digital video evidence

Crossing into Germany


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