Day 5: Winschoten to Leer (46km in the rain) then train to Bremen Day 6: Sightseeing in Bremen

What Elly said, plus some Bruce-photos, and a tram-trip through Bremen. I can’t help thinking of Bremen being akin to Dundee: a somewhat faded port city with nice buildings. But no-one has thrown rocks at me here, and there is a very positive vibe among the graffiti-laden walks. Bremen is happily alive.

Rock my sausage!


It rained on Saturday. There was a relentless drizzle, occasionally heavier, that did a much better job of making us wet and uncomfortable than the sudden downpours on Friday. It was too warm for full waterproofs, but I did put shoe covers on which made a difference for me. We decided to ride on through and wait for it to brighten up, so we pedalled soggily across the border into Germany and, sure enough, the rain stopped and we started to dry out. Then the rain started again. The forecast said it would be on and off all day, so we admitted defeat and headed for a station.

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