You’ve got to spin it to win it!

Thanks to Ben at LifesCycle for a great 90 minutes in and out of the saddle. I’ve not spun for 90 minutes for a long time, so I imagined I might need to crawl off after 60 minutes. But on the way, we saw a car-sticker saying

CYCLISTS! Keep on being awesome

This helped me stay in the mood, and tracks such as Believe (The Chemical Brothers)Rainbow Lollipop (Josephin Öhrn) and Drone Logic (Daniel Avery) kept us sweating and pushing on to a delightfully mad finale. I still can’t quite match the rapid cadences that others reach, but I wasn’t too far off the pace (I hope) and my running wasn’t quite as hopeless as it normally is.

Coffee and Caffeine Drip lunch rounded off a great morning. Now I’m back at my home desk, trying to catch up on things delayed by this week’s family shenanigans.



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