Eleven points: monsoon madness, Queensferry clarity, fear of flying

So who else got soaked in last night’s downpour? I got more than slightly wet on the way home from Napier, then absolutely drenched on the way to spinning. The rain even got through my rubber wallies into my MTB shoes. I didn’t bother to change into road shoes for the class so I had dry footwear for cycling today. So all through the spin I could feel the water sloshing around my socks and turning my toes into prunes. And we got wet again on the way home.

Today was much dryer, so we cycled out to see the bridges (Facebook). My feet were wearing my road shoes and ZwölfEnder overshoes, which lost a life when we cycled through puddles on the path to Silverknows – hence this post’s title. It’s great to see such fine engineering, and it’s quite a pleasant cycle (cyclemeter).

We cycled back, enjoying the mere drizzle and the cycle paths along the A90. The paths between Cramond and Edinburgh city centre aren’t so good, though. We stopped in Craigleith for tea and a bit of shopping, then I went on to Napier to make final tweaks to:

  • my presentation to ECIL in St Malo next week (The presentation is about our IL-DEM project on information literacy, activity theory and hyperlocal democracy. The slides should be going up on the prof’s slideshare account soon.) I’m really not afraid of flying, but I am terribly afraid that my travel on Monday will go wrong. The travel is
    1. drive to Brodick
    2. ferry to Ardrossan
    3. train to Paisley
    4. taxi to Glasgow airport
    5. fly to Paris CDG
    6. 2 trains and a walk to Paris Montparnasse station
    7. train to Rennes
    8. train to St Malo station
    9. bus or walk to hotel in St Malo.

Tomorrow we’re off to Arran for more Elly-birthday-celebrations. My kilt (and I) can’t wait!


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