Family misfortunes: Bruce- or system-error?

Following on from this post

Yesterday’s knock again my state-socialist tendances has been mollified by a pleasant but so far futile interaction with HMRC. My mother and I spoke with with a very pleasant HMRC helpdesk staffer last night (Thursday 7 September). Once my mother had given her permission for me to speak with HMRC about this issue, I tried yet again to register my mother for SA using the access code HMRC had sent her, while describing what I was doing to the HMRC staffer. Yet again this failed. The code had arrived in a letter dated 4 September

The HMRC staffer sympathised with us, but said that a request for a new access code had been made a few minutes before we spoke with her. I’d not explicitly requested one so the staffer and I both guessed that this occurred automatically after a set number of failures. The staffer said that the new code would arrive by post in 3 or 4 working days, i.e. next Monday or Tuesday.

This (Friday) morning, my mother told me that another access code had arrived in a letter dated 5 September. (I have no memory of requesting a code then, but my memory is very fallible.) So I presume that the 4th September code didn’t work because it was superseded by the 5 September code, and that the 5 September code will now not work because it was superseded yesterday evening!

Bah encore!

Even if I thought it would work, I can’t try the code yet because my mother and sister are occupied by some plumbing shenanigans at the parental abode, and so can’t yet scan and email the code letter to me.

My plan is to wait for the 7 September code, then try it while one of their helpdesk staff listens to my blow-by-blow account. (The HMRC staffer agreed this was a sensible plan.) If that code works, no worries. If it doesn’t, then the problem remains with HMRC.



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