Fog on the Tyne, in my mind

Crashed out in the upper bunk in room 7123 of our floating hotel. Let’s see what I can remember of today. 

It started at 8:30, with me stumbling out of bed in search of the kettle, then phoning my mother’s lawyer to get bank account details for bill-payment. Then paying the bill online.

Then 4 conversations with my mother as she called DWP/Capita/PIP helpline about the appointment my sister was due to attend at the GP surgery for PIP purposes. It turns out that Capita say it’s nothing to do either, but GP surgery says it is to do with PIP. They’ve agree to postpone it, because it will be difficult for anyone to accompany my sister. How long it’s postponed for? They couldn’t say: the knowledgeable person is on 2 weeks’ leave, until 20 August. (Er, that’s almost 4 weeks from now [24 July].)

Last-minute packing, then slob until 11pm. Haul the laden bikes up from our cellar-dwelling, then drift along Princes St to Waverley Station. Wait until 11:45 for platform to be announced. Fortunately, platform is reached without needing to cram into lifts. Even better, Virgin train staff are friendly and helpful. And there’s a proper guard’s van, with accommodation for 4 bikes side by side, no need to hang bikes by front wheels in some afterthought cubby.

Arrive Newcastle about 1:30, then cycle along Hadrian’s cycle path (national cycle route 72) to Royal Docks in North Shields  20 miles of mostly fairly good cyclepath marred only by one short absence of signage loss of signage and two places where there are crap road crossings with raised kerbs instead of ramps

Get on ferry about 4pm, stow stuff in cabin, get chips and tea. Space out over Highland Park for anhour or so, then go for our pre-booked buffet supper. Quite a few apparently vegan choices: interesting salads, curry, rice with extra stuff. All good. Eat huge amount amounts, then crash here.

So far, so good. Nighty night.


Goodbye UK!


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