16 May: Edinburgh to Vienna


  • 04:40 taxi to Edinburgh airport
  • 06:40 fly to Schwechat (Vienna airport), arriving around 10:30
  • 11:00 CityAirportTrain from Schwechat to Wien Mitte Bahnhof (cyclemeter map)
  • 11:20 walk from Wien Mitte Bahnhof to Hotel Capri on Nestroyplatz, Praterstrasse


So we arrived at our hotel before just before midday, having already done two of my ‘things’: being on Marxergasse (shame it’s named after a bishop, not the bearded semi-wonder) and seeing the Wienfluß. I remember a few tears as I realised I was ‘home’.

Elly was still full of cold, so we crashed out in the hotel room, then walked to Karmelitermarkt and Augarten. Elly was in search of an outdoor theatre but we didn’t find it. However, we did find an old haunt from our first visit together to Vienna, Zur Reblaus (‘At the phylloxera [vine-pest]’). Elly had her first Wienerschnitzel of the trip, while I ordered Bohnensuppe, Kartoffelsalat and a Dunkelbier. I’d forgotten Bohnensuppe is traditionally made with bacon, so I passed that over to Elly and prepared to pass out with my beer.

We both felt the onset of postprandial torpor, so walked back to the hotel. Elly slept while I took the U-bahn to gumpendorferstrasse, just because I love that name. I then walked back up the Gürtel, savouring the dodgy nightlife to Wien Westbahnhof and then along Mariahilferstrasse back towards the city centre. I found an interesting shop on the corner of Mariahilferstrasse and Esterhazygasse. I didn’t buy anything, I promise! But I was staggering – it had been a long day – so I ambled along to Museumsquartier U-bahnhof and rode back to Nestroyplatz and sleep.


Caffe Nero sells vegan wraps. Happy Bruce!

Get bitten by the Apple bug

first view of the Wienfluß

Graf Radetsky

I think this is meant to say ‘Whether children or none, we die alone’

interesting g architecture

tree-flower in Augarten

trees in Augarten

in Augarten

looking towards Zur Reblaus

in Zur Reblaus


‘Terminator’ reference

I love this sort of building-decoration

Respect existence/expect resistance

I also love Vienna’s relatively recent architecture.

Choose life, not the urn

refugees welcome!

You can tell our hotel is in a jewish area. (1)

You can tell our hotel is in a jewish area. (2)

You can tell our hotel is in a jewish area. (3)

You can tell our hotel is in a jewish area. (4)

I like this.

more building-illustration

interesting shop on Esterhazygasse

what it sells


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