17 May: Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Donauinsel


Elly fancied seeing the display of the Habsburgs’ book collection at the National Library. The state hall is full of books from mostly Empress Maria Theresa’s time (18th century). It’s absolutely amazing – I hope the photos do it some justice.

After a room full of books, none of which we could touch, let alone read, we headed for the Donauinsel for drinks, a shisha and (for the silliness addict) a dip in the Donaukanal. It’s rare that I’ve been so cold.

Dinner that night was at the Loving Hut – vegan Wienerschnitzel with mayonnaise-Kartoffelsalat. Totally yum!


More jewish influence in Leopoldstafdt (1)

More jewish influence in Leopoldstafdt (2)

what a cycle-path should look like

Urania and Radetskybrucke

Österreichishe Postsparkasse

about the state hall

inside the state hall

state hall ceiling

statue in centre of state hall

about globe 32

globe 32

about globe 31

globe 31

state hall’s cupola ceiling

ceiling panorama

about school regulations

school regulations

about torture

about science

textbook 1

textbook 2

textbook 3

section of engraving

panorama of state hall


mermaid painting outside bookshop

statues near Albertina Passage

pink rabbit statue near Albertina Passage

They’re everywhere!

looking southeast along Donaukanal

view of Donaukanal

panorama of Donaukanal

No gods No god No masters No state No leader

vegan tofu and sun-dried tomato roll from Anker

funky building 1

funky building 2

Going …

… going …

… going …

… going … (the other way)

… nearly there…

… swimming!
(video in .mov format)

panorama of U-bahnhof


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