Economics trumps sanity?

Wings over Scotland often comments on broken promises by the UK Government. This article is about a reduced number of destroyers to be built in Scotland. Quite a few commentators are getting het up over a potential loss to Scotland’s economy.

I think they’re missing the point. But a couple of commentators nailed it (emphasis added):

louis.b.argyll says:

Scotland must diversify it’s engineering talents.

NO COUNTRY should be building WARSHIPS.

NATO is a scam, the EU has signalled that it wants efficient defence..

Less war anyone?

The UK/US need endless war, as it props up their elite establishments.

Only full independence can allow us to seek a peaceful and progressive and efficient future.

I don’t really want to be in the UK’s ‘gang’ any longer, they have maintained war across the globe for centuries.

We need to grow up.

Ghillie says:

Agree totally !

‘Less war anyone?’ Amen to that !!

Independent Scotland will need to refresh our fishing fleets and ferries, build a substantial fleet of cargo ships (as we will be exporting our Scottish goods from our own ports in future, oh which might need a bit of refurbishment too), replace our depleted Coast Guard and rescue vessels, and build whatever else we, here in Scotland deem necessary.

Our Clyde ship builders are going to be pretty busy !

As all ship and boat builders right around our coastlines will be.

Future scaremongering and pathetic empty bribes from unionists are well and truly holed below the water line!

What are we waiting for = )

War is not good for economies, neither is armed ‘peace’ – both waste money, while the former wastes lives too. (As a vegan, I’m not so keen on fishing either.) The only sensible way forward is peace. If an independent Scotland can help create that, bring it on!


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