I am the luckiest bugger in the world! The ever-wonderful Elly and I are engaged.

Some of you might ask ‘when?’ Some of you might ask ‘where?’ Some of you might ask ‘what! Bruce has lost his negative views about relationships involving him?’

I can answer the first two: the morning of 17th May, in our hotel room in Vienna. The second isn’t so easily answered: I’d been wondering about marriage for quite a while now. I’d even started to move from ‘should I propose?’ to ‘if so, when, where and how?’ I’m still nervous, but happy and determined to go through with it.

But that morning a perfect moment came along, and the question just spilled out of me spontaneously. I think that was best – I’d have fluffed my lines if I’d tried to stage-manage it.

So now your questions might be ‘when and where will the marriage be?’ Due to family circumstances and other administrivia, it’s likely to be in December, in Malvern. But there will be a celebration in Scotland, probably in January. Watch this space!


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