Fully jewish!

I’ve just come across some documents about my maternal grandfather, Alfred Kessler. Here’s his Austrian ID card:

(click to see the full-sized version)

This document says (according to Google Translate)

Israeli Religious Community


Confirmation for submission to the military authority
It is hereby certified that Alfred Kessler, born on 2 January 1896 in Vienna, according to the documents presented here, is a full Jew.


My mother remembers that in autumn 1938, her dad was sent by his boss to a job in England. So he, my grandmother (Gertrude), my 8-year-old mother (Lena Elisabeth)) and her 4-year-old sister (Ilse Wilhelmina) escaped by the skin of their teeth – my mother says she didn’t even have time to go home and collect her doll. Gertrude had a German passport (this was after the Anschluss) but Alfred only had his jewish ID. En route, a border guard said to her

You can go, but you can leave the dirty jew here.

He got out, but didn’t last long – he died in February 1944.


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