Spin cycle

(I was going to call this post fricassee of dead dog after the previous post’s title and a superb piece of invective but it just doesn’t fit!)

I’be spun three times this week! That’s back to the ancien régime.  Continue reading


100% – spun out!

spinathonWell we did it! I don’t remember much about Friday’s spins. I do know I went to Napier and finished almost everything I needed to, then rushed to the evening spin.

Waking up on Saturday morning was hard – I’d already woken at 2:30 and got back to sleep an hour or so later. I recall grinding my way through James’ 90-minute madness, only just able to turn the pedals in at times. Elly seemed on form – compared to her, and the other spinners, I was nothing. I rushed out of the studio at the end of the class and burst into tears. I can’t explain why. I just know that I felt worthless. Continue reading


spinathonWe’re getting there! I even did some productive work today, followed by Adam’s 50-minute road-race spin. After that I’m sorry but I just dragged myself through James’ 60 minute of climbs. His legs were a blur, even at incredibly hard resistance. Mine were, er, not, while my innards were quite sore. I wish I had videos to show you the differences. Ah well, that’s another 110 minutes of spin out of the way – with only another 255 to go. And we’ve raised almost £1200 for Mercy Corps so far. Yeehah!


spinathonSo today was our ‘rest day’ – just one spin in the evening. I didn’t sleep well last night – I woke before 3am, and got maybe 3 more hours fitful sleep in the late morning. So I was nervous about this evening’s spin. I was even more nervous when I conked out of work about 4pm due to intense gut pain. Meanwhile, Elly’s knee wasn’t feeling so good.

The pain had become tolerable by the time we got to LifesCycle, and then a miracle occurred. By the end of the spin, I felt no pain – I was actually smiling!

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I can’t count!

spinathonSo far we’re up to 315 minutes of the sponsored spinathon. That’s just over 33% of the 940 minutes, not the 40% I calculated some time back. Tomorrow is almost a rest-day – only an hour in the saddle, and not until the evening. Yeehah!

Huge thanks to Andy, Jeannie and Heather for getting us through this evening’s spins. Mangez bien!

Not so full: 17%

spinathonSo the past few weeks have not been fun. Since early February, my innards have been painful, at times screamingly so. I’ve been constipated and very tired, some days hardly able to stir from my bed. My abdomen has been distended, and its skin (and the skin on my legs) has been irritated, so that sleeping has been interrupted – I tend to sleep from mid-evening until about 3am, then toss and turn until about 5am before dropping off again for a couple more hours. I’ve also been short of breath at times, presumably from my distended innards impeding my diaphragm.  Continue reading