What has Bruce been up to? (again)

Following on from this post – I’ll try to blog each week:

  • Tuesday 13th: being interviewed about my experiences of Edinburgh, and how tourists and residents see different aspects of the city
  • Tuesday 13th to Thursday 15th: on this course, which was ‘enhanced’ by two fire-alarms and freezing our collective bits off in the snow
  • Thursday 15th: completing two funding applications, one of which succeeded. (The other will be decided in about 3 month’s time.)

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In a vague tribute to a Janis Joplin album, today could be called I got dem ol’ co-codamol hughies again, mama! In other news, last week I succeeded in copying posts from Just another bipedal sack of DNA and neuroses – because that’s what humans are to this blog.

It’s been interesting – and quite emotional – revisiting the end of a marriage and my career in publishing, various family (mis)fortunes, my time in India and Indonesia, my MSc, the start of my community council work and research career, discovering spinning, and the beginning of my current, very happy marriage. So much of this feels as though it’s permanent, and has been part of me forever – but in reality much is less than 5 years old.

There will be lots of broken links, because some material was hosted on now-dead servers. I’ve tried to resurrect what I can, but if you find any, please let me know.

Anus Horribilis – my Winterval message

Well, it’s been basically a rubbish year.

We’ve said goodbye to too many people: David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Anton Yeltsin, Elie Wiesel, Gene Wilder, Leonard Cohen, Robert Vaughn, Fidel Castro, Eric (my cousin’s partner) and John Glenn spring to mind. But the death that has affected me the most is the loss of my father in October. Here’s how it went, according to Facebook: Continue reading

100% – spun out!

spinathonWell we did it! I don’t remember much about Friday’s spins. I do know I went to Napier and finished almost everything I needed to, then rushed to the evening spin.

Waking up on Saturday morning was hard – I’d already woken at 2:30 and got back to sleep an hour or so later. I recall grinding my way through James’ 90-minute madness, only just able to turn the pedals in at times. Elly seemed on form – compared to her, and the other spinners, I was nothing. I rushed out of the studio at the end of the class and burst into tears. I can’t explain why. I just know that I felt worthless. Continue reading


spinathonWe’re getting there! I even did some productive work today, followed by Adam’s 50-minute road-race spin. After that I’m sorry but I just dragged myself through James’ 60 minute of climbs. His legs were a blur, even at incredibly hard resistance. Mine were, er, not, while my innards were quite sore. I wish I had videos to show you the differences. Ah well, that’s another 110 minutes of spin out of the way – with only another 255 to go. And we’ve raised almost £1200 for Mercy Corps so far. Yeehah!