What has Bruce been up to recently?

  • recovering from encountering a tram track on his bike during the beast from the east
  • supervising an MSc student
  • usual community council website and minuting duties, along with work on a CC newsletter, reacting to comments on Facebook and sorting an issue over phone numbers

  • reaction to familial issues – the latest is my sister has been called for jury service, for which she is not suited
  • until this week, doing some web-searching for CCER colleagues. (It’s paused while they consider my results so far.)
  • doing odds and sods to help colleagues organise a phD colloquium
  • doing a lot of work on an application for funding some research into participatory budgeting. Deadline is Thursday – eek! (I have almost no more time for it because I’m on a research skills course tomorrow (er, today), Wednesday and Thursday.)
  • because of that,
    • doing very little writing about my own research in the last two weeks
    • doing even less teach-myself-Python

Tomorrow will be mostly taken up by the course, then being interviewed by a student from Liverpool University about my community council/public engagement/community activities.

Also, I will be working on an application for funding some public engagement research – not with community councils this time. If we get this funding, I will encounter a lot of talented and interesting people from a research and professional area that is pretty new to me. Finally, I will review my MSc student’s latest work.


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