What has Bruce been up to? (again)

Following on from this post – I’ll try to blog each week:

  • Tuesday 13th: being interviewed about my experiences of Edinburgh, and how tourists and residents see different aspects of the city
  • Tuesday 13th to Thursday 15th: on this course, which was ‘enhanced’ by two fire-alarms and freezing our collective bits off in the snow
  • Thursday 15th: completing two funding applications, one of which succeeded. (The other will be decided in about 3 month’s time.)

  • Friday 16th: can’t remember
  • Saturday 17th: spinning, then writing up community council minutes
  • Sunday 18th: cycling lesson with a colleague; finishing community council minutes
  • Monday 19th: researching government reports for SoC colleagues
  • Tuesday 20th: travel to Worcester, while proof-reading a colleague’s writing
  • Wednesday 21st: applying for extra nursing care funding for my mother, reviewing my mother’s finances
  • Thursday 22nd: travel back to Edinburgh, while doing lots of community council work, then meeting up with a colleague who is on medical leave
  • Friday 23rd: meeting about some possible public engagement and community work; drafting a report on a recent project; supervising my MSc student and associated administrivia; meeting to scope some report-writing about Napier work; small edits to a website for a Napier event website; preparations for other funding applications; work towards another event at Napier; responding to a request in digital governance research; responding to an announcement that a funding application was successful;
  • Saturday 24th: spinning; then community council work and writing up community council minutes
  • Sunday 25th: finishing community council minutes, cycling lesson with a colleague, responding to the Scottish Government consultation on electoral reform

Next week’s highlights should include



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