If you are against Brexit, or are in favour of it but wish it to be on a sound legal footing, you may be interested in this petition. Its text is

Declare the 2016 referendum vote null and void due to foreign interference

It is clear now that foreign influence and inaccurate facts were highly influential on the electorate during the Brexit referendum and therefore the result should be declared as null and void.

I am sure that misinformation (e.g. lying Boris-buses) and lack of information (e.g there was no ‘excruciating detail’ work by the government) played clear roles in the referendum result. So now we know a little more, and have seen the racism that the Brexit vote encouraged, there should be an opportunity to overturn this toxic nightmare – and get rid of the even more toxic, incompetent crew responsible for it.

Time for even more reading, looking for evidence that undue influence happened, and hence whether to sign this petition. However, clearly, I am happy to disseminate its existence in the meantime.


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