Spin cycle

(I was going to call this post fricassee of dead dog after the previous post’s title and a superb piece of invective but it just doesn’t fit!)

I’be spun three times this week! That’s back to the ancien régime. Today’s spin was the finale of an ‘urban marathon’: run, then yoga then spinning. I didn’t do the first two parts: I damaged my knees many years ago in an ill-advised marathon and my attempts at yoga have been laughable. Elly and about 20 others did the whole thing though: heroes! However this was the first spin this side of April in which I’ve buried myself and got an endorphin high. Yeehah! And huge thanks to the Lifescycle team for putting on this event and feeding us afterwards.

I’m also pleased to say that the bus journey home had almost no unpleasant effect on my guts. I did sleep for over an hour when we got home, but then felt able to walk from one side of Edinburgh to the other. (I didn’t, I just walked to the shops.)

The only down-side just now is the FODMAP diet. We really wanted to get some food delivered but couldn’t think of any food that wouldn’t contain onions. Oh well: it’s cheaper to munch rice-cakes with soya cheese and peanut butter anyway. Home-made, onion-free curry tomorrow. Yeehah 2!



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