Around town

After Friday’s 16-mile cycle, yesterday was horrible. Random pains in guts and legs, then very poor sleep (from midnight to 2:30, then 6am to 10am in patches) last night. The pains are never severe but they come as sudden, annoying surprises. I’m currently off the antidepressant in preparation for yet another test, so I’m not much fun just now. Continue reading



Rubber side up

I’ve been out on the bike a bit. On Tuesday, we cycled to and from Craigleith shopping centre (just under 4 miles.) Yesterday, I cycled with Elly to and from LifesCycle (just over 9·5 miles). I didn’t spin – instead I chatted with Andy and played with Scout, a wee spaniel puppy. I’m slightly embarrassed that I came off while backing out of an over-ambition overtake. Both Lev and I are unhurt, thankfully.

Letting it all out

I’ve just received the medication that I need to take in advance of Monday’s colonoscopy. I’m so not looking forward to that part of the process.