Medical machinations

I had a long and fruitful conversation with the private GI specialist today. He will ask my GP to arrange

  • a blood-test for cortisol, to try to understand more about the fatigue. This has become the most noticeable symptom over the past few weeks.
  • A prescription for a low dose of amitriptyline. This may reduce sensitivity and abdominal discomfort. It is also an antidepressant in higher doses.
  • therapy/counselling. I have been noticeably unhappy recently, mostly because I am unable to be physically active for much more than 30 minutes, so it’s hard to believe that we will get away this summer or that I will be able to return to work in October – or ever! My only current escape is to crawl into my nest and fall asleep to an audiobook. While I’m not averse to therapy in any way, I think I will be cured by (prospects of) regaining a normal life.

The specialist will also advise prices for a full colonoscopy (as advised by the NHS) and colonic transit study. This would aim to find out whether my bowels are moving at the speed they should without laxatives.

I am to wean myself off omeprazole, but to carry on taking laxatives, mebeverine (anti-spasmodic), buscopan (anti-spasmodic) and paracetamol.

We are holding in reserve a gastric emptying study. The idea behind this is that it’s easy for me to feel full, and this might be due to my stomach being slow.

So I have more prodding to look forward to – at least that’s something!



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