No news is good news – updated

Moans and groans ahoy!

My colonoscopy took place on Monday. To prepare, I had a very reduced (no fibre) diet on Saturday and fasted on Sunday, along with taking Moviprep to empty my bowel.

Apparently the procedure went well – I was too tired and sedated to take much notice. According to my discharge report, ‘the colon to the extent of the examination was normal’ and I have a ‘mobile, floppy but otherwise unremarkable colon’. So I still don’t know what’s causing the pain and fatigue.

What I do know is that the fasting and sleep-loss caused by the test left me even more fatigued. (I had to wake at 4am on Monday to take the final dose of Moviprep, and stay awake to ensure I didn’t have any accidents.) I cycled to and from George Street yesterday, and felt absolutely shattered – I wasn’t even sure I could make the return journey. It feels as though any recovery I’ve achieved has been knocked right back, and I feel thoroughly demoralised.

I hope to build up by doing some cycling, walking or domestic activity each day. (I still have lots of DIY stuff to sort.) I intend to take part in Saturday’s anti-Trident demo and next Friday’s Holyrood Tweet-up. Then I need to get myself travel-fit – sitting is still uncomfortable – and able to return to work in early October. Watch this space!


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