Around town

After Friday’s 16-mile cycle, yesterday was horrible. Random pains in guts and legs, then very poor sleep (from midnight to 2:30, then 6am to 10am in patches) last night. The pains are never severe but they come as sudden, annoying surprises. I’m currently off the antidepressant in preparation for yet another test, so I’m not much fun just now.

So I needed to get out today, and buy the very plain food needed for the day before the forthcoming test. The easiest route seemed to be out along the North Edinburgh cycle path, then back along the Water of Leith path. (cyclemeter map), with a stop at Tesco in Broughton.

It was much more pleasant than Friday’s cycle: much less car-battling, occasional dog- and plebestrian-dodging and cobbles in Stockbridge. I even -just – managed to cycle up Bell’s Brae! Even better, we found vegan chic-ices in Tesco. Yum!


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