On yer bike, sonny-boy!

I wanted to break out of what feels like weeks of inactivity, so I dragged Lev out onto the road yesterday. I pondered several routes, including the Water of Leith and North Edinburgh cycle paths, Holyrood Park, but settled on my ‘extended midnight miles’ route: out and back along the A8 to Newbridge roundabout.

The way out (cyclemeter map) was a drag. There was a noticeable headwind, and my legs had no ‘oomph’, so that I could only manage 6mph on uphill parts. I didn’t have the speed tasty on the main road at the airport roundabout: you need to zoom past the junction of the on-ramp and the main road to fit into gaps between cars joining the road. I also didn’t have the speed and nerves to move into the far-right lane to do the 180° turn around Newbridge Roundabout, so I went on a little way into Edinburgh’s motor village.

After a brief stop to reset cyclemeter and text Elly, I headed back (cyclemeter map). This felt better – the wind was in my back to start with, the route was overall downhill and my legs were slightly more used to working. This time, I did stay on the main road at the airport roundabout, and there were glimmerings of enjoyment on the run into Gogar roundabout.

Despite not pushing hard, being lightly dressed and only doing 16 miles on an unladen bike, I arrived home drenched with sweat. Clearly I’m not ready yet for any serious cycling, but I’m ready to start getting that way. Muted yeehah.


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