Yet another home IT support call

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2013-11-10 01:41:00 tired

After a nightmare journey, I arrived at the parental abode around 7pm yesterday. (The nightmares were all self-inflicted and I don’t intend to talk about them in a public online space. But email if you want to know.)

Achieved so far

  • Sorted dad’s desk so he doesn’t need to bend down to restart the mac or plug in new devices.
    • Put mac mini on desk’s keyboard shelf, with the back facing out.
    • Rationalised plugs and cables.
    • Took all the electronica out of the office in preparation for the following step. USB Peripherals are
      • optical drive
      • keyboard
      • iPad
      • external HD
      • printer
      • webcam
      • miniSD card
      • bluetooth earphone charger
      • TomTom charger
      • camera card reader.
    • Drilled a hold in the top of the desk for the keyboard cable
    • Drilled four holes in the keyboard shelf for cable-ties to hold the USB hub in place.
    • Replaced all the electronica and made sure it works. For example, the iPad won’t charge unless it’s connected to a mac USB port, even though the USB hub is powered.
  • Got Reflector working so the iPad’s display can be mirrored to the on the mac (so I can see it remotely). Wrote a how-to.
  • Updated iTunes to work with iOS7, which dad’s iPad now runs.
  • Connected bluetooth earphones to iPad

Still to go

  • put TimeMachine backups on separate device from nightly CarbonCopyCloner clones
  • set up and demonstrate AppleTV
  • connect printer to mac wirelessly
  • show how to remove photos from iPad

And I need to spend time on sister’s finances and filing. Yeehah!


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