Spinning the world away – again!

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2013-11-04 22:43:00 glowing

Chatting with Hugh after his spinning session this evening… He asked if I enjoyed it. I answered ‘I enjoy having done it’. That may seem mean, but I meant that I was glowing. And more than 2 hours after climbing off the spin bike I’m still glowing. Spacy!

He also asked if I’m fitter now. And yes I am. I recall trying to cycle from St Andrews to Kirkcaldy when I was about 25. That’s under 25 miles – and I failed. More than 20 years of body-abuse and at least 3 years of failing pancreas later, I’ll happily cycle over 50 miles carrying 2 heavy panniers. And then I’ll do the same the next day, then the next. OK, I won’t be fast, and I would probably need a lunch break. Or I’ll do a 50-mile event non-stop. So, yes, I am the fittest – or at least the most physically capable – I’ve ever been.

And this is all thanks to the wild and wonderful world of Lifescycle. YEEHAH!


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