Customer support – it does happen!

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2013-10-10 23:19:00 happy

Well over two years ago, I bought a bluetooth headset to use with jPhone. A couple of months ago, it ceased charging – in fact, when plugged into any of my macs’ USB ports it tried to take too much power and the mac would shut down the port.

I contacted Jaybird to ask if there was anything I could do to improve things but I didn’t believe the headset was within warranty. But they have sent me a brand new set, for no charge! I’m in awe of the product – it’s far lighter, more comfortable and easy to use than the other bluetooth headsets I’ve tried. And now I’m in awe of the company.

By the way, the picture on the website doesn’t do the product justice – it also comes with a range of comfortable spock-ear thingies to clip the phones to the inside of your pinnae and a pair of comfortable clips to ensure good grip around the backs of pinnae.


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