Spinning the world away – again

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2013-10-02 23:30:00 calm

So I’ve not been at my best recently – a fairly unpleasant cold, along with my right shoulder being very painful and restricted. The results seem to be reduced lung capacity, so that I can’t provide full power* to my legs, and occasionally finding it hard to reach Lev’s handlebars properly. Things that spoil cycling for me are not welcome! Nor is waking up in pain several times each night.

*not that I claim to be particularly powerful

However, I’ve mostly kept up with spinning – again, it’s only when I’m spinning or asleep that my shoulder doesn’t hurt just now. I’ve occasionally had to stop and go out of the studio to cough up lung-snot, and I’ve had to take a few wee pauses on the bike before attempting to pile back into whatever Hugh, Josh, Martin and Lincoln were throwing at us. But I will get back up there, back to doing the Monday double and cruising the distances. (I want to do some sportives and a triathlon next year, Elly and I plan to do the North Sea Cycle Route, and I will cycle to India when I retire.)

So tonight was the first session led Andy for a while – he and Jeannie have been on a well-earned holiday. The only bike free by the time I was ready was in the dead-centre of the front row. No chance to skive under Andy and Jeannie’s eagle eyes! Lots of jumps and runs, some in-saddle hills, some old favourite tracks to pull out the stops and a finale to Comfortably Numb. I was far from perfect and I did have to pause every now and then, and quite often I couldn’t keep the resistance where I thought it should be and still turn the pedals. But I got through it with a smile and enjoyment of the music. And I think my running technique is getting less rubbish.

Afterwards, Andy asked if the session had been easy. If my cold wasn’t lingering and I’d had continuous sleep, it might have been. As it was, I valued the recovery opportunities. But I’m really looking forward to not needing them, to powering through jumps, climbs and runs – both on a spin-bike and on the road. Yeehah!


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