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2013-11-13 12:53:00 amused

I’ve just signed up for next year’s Pedal for Scotland – the sportive version! I believe I can 110 miles but I will need to train to achieve it in the time. I’ll be riding Lev Davidovitch, my sturdy touring bike – unless I get a massive windfall in the next few months.

So I envisage a few attempts at the route between now and September. Who wants to join me?

I also plan to do next year’s Tour of the Borders (10 August 2014). That’s about 55 miles through some beautiful scenery – or so I’m told. (I couldn’t see a thing last year.)

And of course there’s the old favourite: Tour de Forth. (There’s no sign of the 2014 event online yet. The 2013 event was in early August and was 66 miles.)

So insanity ahead – hopefully accompanied by the ever-wonderful (and sane) Elly.


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