End-of-week update

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2012-08-03 15:26:00 awake Not now John (The Final Cut)
  • As of last night, have researched 1351 (84%) of CCs’ online presences. Intending to get to 100% by tools-down on Monday. Task speeded by 25% of CCs not having online presences!
  • Gave talk on background and results so far. Thanks goodness only 6 attendees: professor, supervisor, lecturer, three postgrads (Ella, Maja and Jan). Thanks also to supervisor for slug of rocket-fuel coffee, although this may have been responsible for me describing one aspect of CCs’ online presences as ‘stunningly crap’.
  • Back to the grind for 2 hours, then going to visit parents. Things to do there:
    • cook
    • sister’s filing
    • arrange holiday in Vienna for/with parents
    • have some time with Elly!


  • Re-discovering The Final Cut

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