Back up to speed

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2012-08-05 23:37:00 depressed FriComedy: The Now Show 2012 – Live! 30/07/12 – BBC Radio 4

We returned to SQ about 9pm, after a weekend of almost zero physical activity for me. (I accompanied Elly as she ran on Saturday morning but I do not run except in emergencies, so I was on a borrowed, somewhat knackered bike that was also a bit too small for me.

So I thought it was time to reunite myself with Lev, and enjoy the relatively empty tarmac of evening before closing time. I had thought it was 10 miles from SQ to Edinburgh airport. (It’s not: it’s 6·8 miles. It’s 7·7 to the next convenient turning-point, namely Gogar roundabout.

While, I’ll never be anything like Bradley Wiggins (I don’t suit sideburns, for a start!), I’m very pleased that the lights, weather and traffic were mostly in my favour, so I was able to cycle to Gogar roundabout and back in just under an hour. At one point, I was doing over 20mph on what felt like level road and I wasn’t trying to sprint, just to be comfortably fast.

I returned to SQ elated by the speed and freedom I’d just experienced. It’s a drug – I want more!


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