Rad und Reisen: day 2

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2012-06-30 06:46:00

And so the bollocks starts with buses to the terminal running late due to ‘an incident at the terminal’.

boarding our 09:15 flights might begin soon…

Posting this from hotel Revita, St Agatha, Austria:

Bus to Westbahnhof via Meiling bahnhof.

Photos of tram from bus.
See Happy Buddha restaurant is on Gumpendorfer strasse. I want to go there!
In backerei Stock at Westbahnhof, bought bread. Met a vegan server who recommended ‘Loving hut’ for vegans
Bought rye & carrot bread rolls.
On 14:40 DB Bahn zu Passau , passing through St Pölten , Linz, Wels. Relaxing quiet ride, so few announcements. Any announcements are almost too quiet to hear. Very scenic countryside with very little sign of livestock farming. Hurrah!
Hotel right by station. Givenore bumf, including bike and hotel vouchers. Bus up and out of town to bike-hire place. Wait ages for fat yanks to get their bikes adjusted to the nearest nanometre. Then a Spanish couple. Finally long-suffering but friendly hire bloke gives us bikes quickly. Then scary cycle on unfamiliar bikes on unfiar roads-on wrong side of road down steep hill into town. Yeehah with a brown vapour trail. Dump bikes in hotel lock-up then go looking for food. Passau is shut so we’re now sitting in hotel restaurant terrace listening to birds, looking at flowers and gently steaming…
 Oh god, Germanic salads are so good I could cum in my pants. Mixed lightly pickled carrots, gherkins and cauliflower; olives; kidney  beans; oven roast courgettes and onions ; potato cakes and bread rolls. And beer that slips down yet satisfies!
Real cycling begins tomorrow!



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