Rad und Reisen: we’re off!

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2012-06-29 18:10:00 calm

On the bus to Edinburgh airport.  Elly slightly nervous, Bruce empty in head and tum.

More updates as and when…

Bollocks! Our 19:40 flight to Heathrow is delayed until 23:00 because the plane is stuck in Manchester. Our flight from Heathrow to Vienna is at  09:15 tomorrow so we’re not going to get much sleep. A good start for a cycling holiday.

Plane took off about 22:50, so we landed in Heathrow about 23:50. Baggage collection was relatively painless but then we found buses to our hotel (terminal 5 Hilton) had finished for the night. The taxi queue moved very slowly: there seemed to be a lot of haggling going on for each set of passengers. We found out why when told our hotel was out of the taxi drivers’ area: they wanted to charge £35. In the end we accepted this but had I been on my own I’d have walked rather than pay £6 per mile!

It’s now 01:38 and we have to get up at 06:15. Bollocks on a shitty stick.


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