2012_07_01 rad und Reisen. First proper day of cycling

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2012-07-01 16:48:00

First stop backerei! Bought rye bread for me and salad/cheese roll for Elly.

So pretty. Overtaking lots of tourists!

Stop at kraftwerk (hydro power station) at Jochenstein for cold drinks. Power on to Schlögen loop.

Tiny bike ferry. Lunch on sarny (E) and fresh sliced rye bread (B). Then into cafe for coke (E) and mangosaft (B). Yum. More photos (photos will be posted later when I have wifi!)

Then very hard cycle 8 km uphill to hotel. It’s lovely here: they make a big thing of health tourism. There’s a pool but I have no trunks and get a hard state when I ask if I can go in wearing clean cycle shorts. Get me a cold coke and Elly an Eiskaffee: she seems to like it

Shower and clean clothes (shorts) then to hotel terrace for more drinks (lager followed by earl grey tea = civilisation!)

Listen to pool and quietness, thinking about tomorrow. BTW, here’s what I emailed about my lunch: Mein Mittagessen: frisch Rogganbrot: Lovely course texture, reminiscent of tempeh bacon slices  I must be getting middle-aged!

Here’s today’s cyclemeter map. JPhone ran out of juice about 6km from hotel. We didn’t need to do this bit: the tour company would normally collect folk from Schlögen but we liked the challenge.

I’ve called my bike ‘Curt’ because he’s shorter than Lev Davidovitch (very upright cycling position) and the Germanic for ‘short’ is ‘curtz’. So Elly has called her bike ‘Vonny’ after Kurt Vonnegut. Breakfast of champions!

So just after posting this, I retreated to our room and an hour of dozing. We went to dinner on the hotel terrace where we’d had drinks. Here’s some of my thoughts thereon: Just had another food-gasm: potato dumplings (half-moon shape) filled with herbs on a vinaigrette of herbs, with lovely salad. Elly had turkey schnitzel with boiled potatoes (I helped her with those) and again salad. My vinaigrette was so good I had to ask for some bread to finish it. The bread that came was that lovely rye bread with carraway seeds.

As we were starting to eat, the thunder and lightening evolved into a real rainstorm, so we abandoned the terrace for the dining room, juggling plates and causing merriment. Back in the room: the clothes Elly had washed and set to dry on the balcony had become rain-soaked. Mice & men! Despite the rain’s temporary cooling effect, it’s still somewhat muggy. Oh well: as the evening progresses it will cool. Hmm: how to post photos when they exist only on jPhone? I guess I could tweet them and then add links….


arriving St Agatha

part of my lunch

passing through a heavily guarded border

a notice road at Jochenstein

There are more pix but that’s all for now. The rest will go on Digital Evidence when we get back.


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