Things to accomplish this weekend

When Mood Music
2004-12-12 14:05:00 busy Everyday – Everytime-Agnelli & Nelson-Gatecrasher Wet – Aqua [Disc 2]

done so far

  • sweep, tidy, rearrange bedroom
  • sweep, tidy, mop kitchen
  • put stuff in loft
  • sweep, tidy, clean bathroom
  • sweep, tidy, mop lounge
  • do report on Thursday’s seminar for CC

still to do

  • tidy mac area
  • finish putting mixed-artist CDs into iTunes, then put these CDs into the loft (halfway!)
  • back up all this lovely new data
  • write Xmas cards
  • email my poor designs for town-hall booklet to a real designer for his advice
  • email same designer re design for letterhead &/or logo for FT stuff
  • install laptop from scratch (it only had MacOS8· on it and I need 8·)
  • EAT

FUCK ME RAGGED, I’m going to be knackered!

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