I have a feeling…

When Mood Music
2004-12-06 18:04:00 Catching the Butterfly-Verve-Urban Hymns (Revised)

… that life is going to get weird and appear even weirder to those around me.

Today was a bit Taysidish.

  1. Firstly I hear that our head office have stuffed up and not told our repro house to forward some files to the printer. So the book that was due to arrive today will be printed in a miraculous 3 days to arrive on Friday.
  2. Then our marketing person is going to work closer with production – so one of my production colleagues has to vacate the desk she uses when she is at the St Andrews office so the marketing person can move there. My production colleague isn’t working at St Andrews today so I get the fun of moving her stuff elsewhere and moving the marketing person’s computer onto the vacated desk. This move goes without hassle and the marketing person will move her files and other stuff herself.
  3. Now what to do with my production colleague. I have two such colleagues. 4days a week, one works in Edinburgh (or at her home) while the other works at St Andrews. However on Tuesdays they both work at St Andrews. So I have to move the remote proofer and set that room up as a workspace for my ‘budged’ colleague. The remote proofer room is full of crap so I tidy most of it into neat piles, shift what I can into storage locations (of which we have VERY little) and email around to others to get rid of the crap they’ve left in this room.

I think that’s it until the next bout of musical offices!

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