Yay for the low-end mac!

When Mood Music
2004-12-12 20:58:00 Sing-Blur-Trainspotting

Feeling rather smug. On top of cleaning the whole flat and shifting a lot of stuff into the loft, I think I’ve achieved a reasonable success. I have found a way to get Mac OS9·2 (the last real revision of the traditional Macintosh operating system before OSX slithered out of Cupertino) onto my 2300c powerbook. I can’t install it directly from the install CD (my CD drive isn’t bootable) but I found I could install it over OS8·1.

This killed RAMDoubler but there’s always good old Apple-brand Virtual Memory.

And now filesharing works over TCP/IP so the 2300c can be seen from the G4. Thanks to my mac guru for showing me the way to get the 2300c seeing the G4. Dead simple (bangs head on keyboard!)

Still feeling smug. OS9·2 on a mac built for OS7. The equivalent of Win2000 running on a PC built for Win3·1. Suck that, Mr Gates!

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