Days 17 to 22: if it’s Tuesday I must be in Bognor Regis?

What Elly said. Picture to be added later. I have been in so many hotel rooms and lifts in artificial twilight I hardly know where I am!

I know I’m on a DFDS boat that will take us to North Shields, arriving tomorrow morning. My issue is I have yet another cabin number to remember, another route to it to learn, and my brain cell refuses to hold onto any detail at this level of granularity. And why does it feel like twighlight at 16:21 in August? Mein Gehirnzelle is verrucht!

Day 17: arrival in Kiel, trains to Hamburg, Osnabrück and Amsterdam

Day 18: Amsterdam to Zaandam

Day 19: around Zaandam

We decided to cycle to Geversduin, to see the location of the hobbit house we’ll stay in some day. (One of Elly’s birthday presents years ago was a stay there. However, plans were scuppered by COVID.)

Day 20: around Zaandam

No cycling – we travelled by bus. We spent our last full day in the Netherlands visiting a windmill museum! That might sound tratsch but it’s actually pretty and informative.

Day 21: Zaandam to IJMuiden to the North Sea

Day 22: North Sea to home

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