Dodging the dykes

Gently throbbing in the lounge of a hotel in Rotterdam. Little headwind today, especially once off the dyke along the Lek, the local name for the channel of the Rhine were following. Dyke-top routes and country roads we’ve experienced in the Netherlands thus trip have tended to be just wide enough for a car and a cycle to pass each other. On either side of the road are red-tarmac cycle-lanes, maybe as narrow as 50 cm. So it’s somewhat concerning when an articulated lorry approaches.

So just now, my preference is for my stereotype of German and Austrian dyke-top paths. While they can be gravel or cracked concrete, there generally aren’t motor vehicles.

Fortunately, along Dutch arterial road routes there are full-width lanes for cycles, mopeds and scooters. So after lunch we abandoned the Lekdijk and jumped away from the river at Schoonhoven and onto the N210. Elly lent me a pair of her padded leggings to protect my posterior more: 3 layers was just about enough.

We kept ourselves going by promising ourselves coffee at the first opportunity on the route, and by leapfrogging each other in search of coffee-opportunities. There weren’t any until our hotel’s lounge: non-diet Sprite and paprika crisps did not live long. Tot ziens!

Rotterdam harbour


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