Done it, almost

  • distance cycled: 51.5 miles (Arnhem to Vianen)
    • NB cyclemeter map has shorter distance than Elly’s Fitbit Maps because it stopped recording
  • cumulative cycling: 883.5 miles, if mental arithmetic is correct

Dear me, today was hard! It didn’t help that I was awake until three this morning. But 95% of the difficulty came from many hours of strong headwind, in concert with something like hills while leaving Arnhem.

At times we were creeping along at 4 or 5 mph, cursing the elements. We took turns to suck each other’s wheels and pull each other along. Both of us are bashed and in pain, but we have arrived where we intended, have eaten and now need to recover.

To Rotterdam tomorrow: only 35 miles. The following day, we will only have 20 miles cycle to our Hook of Holland finish. Seriously considering taking the train from finish to IJMuiden. Tot ziens!

Oranje Nassau’s Oord


near where the river, now called the Lek, and a big canal cross


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