Bish, bash, bot!

And yet again we’ve had the luck of the damned: excellent hotel with live lute/concertina/guitar music and excellent food. A fitting reward for a pair of fifty-somethings with two functional lungs and at most three functional legs between them.

i have say that when the Swiss lay tarmac for cycle-paths or roads with cycle lanes, it’s almost always perfect. But a few official cycle-routes are gravel paths: slow at best, silly at other times. Despite two layers of padding and religious application of chamois cream, my backside is bruised and other parts have come over all unnecessary!

However, the combativity prize today goes to Elly for keeping going at high speed (for us) despite a chesty cold and toe-cramp, and pulling me on at times, especially after a severe bonk just before the Rheinfalls. The hotel in Kaiserstuhl is a joy: I don’t have the words to praise it properly.

Today’s route crossed a railway line many times. This was inevitable.

Fish at the Rheinfalls….

What the fish mean

What’s wrong with this picture? (Hint: ‘trio’)


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