Fractal in at least two dimensions

Following a river-route is bound to be fractal in the horizontal plane, but why does it also oscillate unpredictably in the vertical plane?

We’re into our fourth country of the cycling journey: Germany! So here are the winners so far:

  • best bread: a nutty, crunchy bread at breakfast at Cafe Olga in Trun (Switzerland)
  • best beer: Aktien Landbier Fränkischer Dunkel. Almost as good as König Ludwig Dunkel
  • best country for cycling: Austria. No gravel roads or unpleasant ascents (well, none that we’ve encountered on this trip)
  • best shower: Hotel 4 Länder Deutschmann, Bregenz, Austria. It had a built-in seat. (My foot-affliction makes it easy for me to slip over and hurt other parts.)
  • worst aim: Switzerland. The only country so far to throw rocks at me – and miss!

Maillot Jaune for beer, so far

Today has been a better day for me, mostly. My legs got into their stride, I ate and did other things to avoid bonking, and I only needed to do roadside foot-analgesics once. A lot of this was due to Elly suggesting we stop for coffee at Lindau-Insel and lunch at Friedrichshafen. Unfortunately, Elly has a cold that is affecting her chest, so the last few miles to Meersburg, and the pull up from the ferry in Konstanz were not so pleasant for her.

However, my brain is fried just now so I’ll let Elly’s blog and my photos do the talking.

What happens to bad bikes in Bregenz

Pano of the opera stage at Bregenz

Elly with Eiskaffee at Lindau-Insel

Why does an island have a Hauptbahnhof?

Funky church at Lindau-Insel

Another funky church at Lindau-Insel

Traditional occupations at Langenargen, the place of much soreness

Meersburg-Konstanz ferry



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