spun out: 60%

spinathonWe got through today, including over three hours of spinning, without dying or killing each other!

  • woke at 3am thanks to the innards
  • dozed fitfully until 5:45
  • Luke’s 6:45 spin. I have no memory of this other than I did it.
  • Home, laundry, doze until about 10:30 instead of working: too tired and sore to do otherwise
  • Andy’s 12:30 spin: a ‘recovery’ ride
  • Elly drove me to Napier, where I did something approximating to work, including hosting a Centre for Social Informatics seminar
  • taxi back to LifesCycle, Edinburgh road surfaces again bouncing my innards into pain
  • Jeannie’s 18:45 spin – guided ride through effort
  • Andy’s 19:00 spin – not recovery! I kept the pace through most of it (well, apart from my usual inability to run at high cadences) until about 10 minutes before the end. I blew up – my legs couldn’t do any more. But this was the spin I’m most proud of so far in this spinathon. I thought I would be just dragging myself through it, hating it. But I didn’t – instead it was fun, and the guts-ache that had afflicted me all day was almost gone by the end. Another LifesCycle miracle!

Huge thanks to Luke, Andy, Jeannie and all the LifesCyclers for their support today. We’ve broken the back of this madness.


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